Is today’s world all about creativity and ideation?

Is today’s world all about creativity and ideation?

Are they the seeds to be nurtured to bring in automation, innovation and transformation.

There is a saying, necessity is the mother of invention. I would say, innovation is amalgamation of creativity and necessity.

We need to understand the ecosystem, to apply creativity and identify the ideas to bring in change. We need to be competent with changing ecosystem and think beyond the possible.

What is the biggest challenge in doing this? “Unlearning and Learning”, we think the current ecosystem is the best.

Be it health, finserve, agriculture or mechanical domain, we need to emphasize with the stakeholders, to come up with the strategy to drive.

The very evident example here is the quality of life is changing every millisecond. Few decades back the phone connection was limited to few, but today all the millennials are having a mobile phone. Now phone is not just a medium to talk, but are so powerful devices that an innovative solution can be developed on it.

Need of the hour is to channelize our creativity to understand the ecosystem and its stakeholders and come up with disruptive yet seamless innovative solutions.