Do we need Data Scientists?

Hello Data Inquisitors,

Today while having my discussion with Database expert, there was a healthy discussion between us around “Do we really need Data Scientist?”.


Discussion started by one of my dear friend who is the DB expert, he is the database administrator and is serving the industries consuming Data Mining and Data Warehouse techniques. He was very clear when he called out that Data Analytics is like an old wine in the new bottle. It just a new Job title has been created to continuous with thunder in new disruptive world. I appreciated his thought and the sense of attachment to “Data Cloud”. Discussion went on for an hour before he embraced the need of Data Scientists.

Data Scientist to me is an Architect who has the skills to project collection of data points i.e., ” Data Ocean” to a decision-making Data Visualization asset by using complex statistical theorems called Data Analytics. Structure Data is one of the type of data that is mined by DB experts, which is later used by Data Scientist by applying theories like Probability, Normal Distribution, Poison algorithm etc. DB experts help collect data whereas Data Scientists help process meaningful information out of it and present it in visual form for consumption for quick informed decision.

In the current disruptive world, all industries are leveraging Internet of things which is generating TBs of data in a day. Data is the future currency for every industry, be it Retailers who need it to understand Customer better, Health Care to study their patients to cure them using Preventive measures, similarly Tourism is using it to make their visitor’s journey memorable by preempting their behavior and needs. Data is getting consumed in Tera Bytes by most of the Industries. It is becoming more and more eminent for Data Scientists to connect dots (not visible by naked eyes) and help generate visuals real time for quick response to the situation. Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning techniques are leveraged by everyone seamlessly without realization around us be it a customer care or driving a vehicle. AI is enabling individuals to focus on core by strategic decisions.

Data Scientists are in shortfall across industries. Digital revolution had infused data galaxies on net by various tools like Google Analytics which is helping Digital creators capture any action on ecommerce site. Data Scientists come in and rescue entities by properly applying (Black Box Technologies J) algorithms to conclude Confidence level of accuracy or Predictive analytics to prepare for future “Unknown” event. Disruption everywhere is driven by Data Scientists to be able to catchup with fast pace changes.

How Data Scientists are helping shape up future?

  1. Structured approach to Decision making, much more informed decision using data analytics.
  2. Data collection and real time processing of data is helping machines becoming more intelligent called “Artificial Intelligence”.
  3. Predictive and Descriptive Analysis help minimize risk for risk takers.
  4. Help generate newer set of opportunities by presenting data dashboards.
  5. The enable us to extract patterns and meaningful information for organizations and individuals.

Data Scientist are the future for this economy to grow and make it more informed to have right set of decisions.  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to rely on the right information feed to system to have right decisions.  Data Scientist help drive economy towards intelligence and excellence.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft recently said “Data is the real currency of your company”

In future blog let us talk about Data Analytics and power of R language.

Thank you,
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