What’s the right time for Digital Marketing?


Hello Friends,

First, let me THANK YOU for taking time out from your demanding timetable to read my articles on Digital Marketing sequence. This is my second write up on Digital Marketing to help Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketers and Small Businesses to understand A to Z about Digital Marketing. In this artefact, I will be concentrating on “When should one go for Digital Marketing?”. Last article I wrote was focused on “Why Digital Marketing Strategy is needed?”.

Taking an analogy, like there is life cycle for all human life, Digital Marketing maturity can also be defined as naïve to mature. It is important to understand what should be actioned and when to get necessary benefits. Let me come back to the topic “When should we focus on Digital Marketing?”. It is imperative to take right actions at right time to get right outcome. Similarly, right Digital Marketing using apt disruptive techniques results can be noticed in form of consumer behavior BUT question remains “WHEN”.

Initializing Digital marketing strategy from inception of the product/service has its own advantages having said that Digital Marketing can be plugged in anytime. Let us understand the key facets of Digi-Marketing. Digi Marketing spectrum is not synonym or limited to Social Media Marketing but have lot of other twigs like Email Marketing, Content Marketing, blogging, Search engine Optimization etc. …it can be adopted in various forms Organic and Inorganic. Flexibility in adopting #Digi-Marketing is the key as it helps provide level playing field to everyone to succeed if strategized and executed well.

Digi Marketing levers can be plugged in any time seamlessly. Let us take a practical example of education domain which is seasonal hence sinusoidal yet regular hence linear. Universities have seasons because Admission happens once in a year, Social Events (Sports event, Cultural event etc..) happen multiple times in a year whereas studies continue to happen throughout the year. I will limit this case study to these 3 trial classes.

Anytime plugin – Season class is the classic case where we can discuss and understand this aspect. Let us assume new courses are introduced for the new session. To manage and leverage Digi Marketing, #SEO short term strategy can be very handy along with Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing. For SEO, Keywords can be tagged and plugged in so that search engine enables quick and easy search as top 10 #SERPs (search engine results pages). On short term basis, Social Media can influence and help generate leads (# SMO i.e., Search Media Optimization)) similarly Email marketing is so powerful with extensive reachability helps expand and reinforce message to known well-wishers and community.

Regular and fulltime plugin – Nothing beats being consistent, that complements long term Digi-Marketing Strategy. Tools like Social Media Optimization and SEO i.e., Search Engine Optimization with well-defined long-term Keyword based strategy fits the bill. This approach help gets long term benefits and help gain lead against competitors. Blogging and Content marketing are very powerful tools to continuously plugged in with right and loyal audience.

Occasional Plugin – This is to address Social events where involvement is not limited to the students but also positive traction from both Management and Faculty is must. Aggressive marketing is the most important attribute for focused, short term and Occasional occurrence of events hence mix of both inbound and out bound marketing with precise blend and fusion is the key. Digi-Marketing tools like Digi-Billboards, Search Media Optimization and Email marketing along with Traditional Marketing like TV ads, SMSs and Print Media Marketing) will be very helpful. Larger reachability in a short span is the key factor to enable Digi troupes to be efficacious.

Let me conclude this article with crux that Digital Marketing can be strategized and executed at any point in time because of the flexibility in terms to various tool. Hope this helps you comprehend when we should plugin Digi Marketing because right set of tools will help marketers gain:

  • Increase visibility
  • Get more traffic
  • Number of visitors
  • Easy way to show brand.

Continue to stay in touch as I will continue to share other aspects to Digital Marketing which are either not known well or perceived wrongly. Like any other Management Strategy which is based on Mission and Vision, Digital Strategy is also based on Vision hence this initiative(series) is in the direction to bring it on table and picture it rightly which is more pragmatic and hands-on.

Thank you for being in touch and let us continue to exchange thoughts…Looking forward to hearing from you.

Outstanding Outlier “AG”


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