T & IT benefits (Tangible and InTangible) of Digital Marketing.


I would like to sincerely THANK YOU for taking time out and read my articles on Digital Marketing sequence. This is my third write up on Digital Marketing to help everyone understand Tangible and Intangible Benefits of Digital Marketing. In this article, I will be focusing on “Visible and invisible benefits of Digital Marketing”. Last article I wrote was focused on “What’s the right time for Digital Marketing?”.

Let us acknowledge these facts and register them for the growth benefits. Undoubtedly Digital marketing power is full of benefits but that needs to be channelized properly using right tools and right strategy. Digital Marketing Strategists strategize and drive Digital Marketing based on facts and market trends. Believe you me, Digital Marketing is incomplete without research and provoking questions to the customer and self. It is equally important for Marketers to dig and define right roadmap for the success of Digital Market to reap #TangibleandIntangibleBenefits.

Horse power of Digital World is much more than any other medium of communication in the current disruptive world of Social media and Internet of Thing. Internet and digitalization had broadened the reach and speed up the flow of communication which are the key differentiators for Inbound Marketing. Let us try to embrace Digital Marketing by comprehending T(Tangible) and IT(InTangible) benefits.

Sales Power: Anyone connected with you online becomes your power for Sales and Growth. Online social community act as the catalyst for spreading the word and reach on your behalf. Tangible aspect of you reaching out to your connection but Intangible aspect which we tend to ignore or does not acknowledge is that they spread your message to their communities exponentially. We should leverage exponential Tangible and Intangible power of sales for spreading or viral your market with their influence.

Testimonial Power: As soon as anyone from your online community expresses “Like” or “Pen Positive/Negative comment” that become one’s best testimonial. Such references have much more influence and impact than the Inorganic (Paid) published endorsements by celebrities on Television and Print media. Connection with likeminded people and appreciating their valuable word of spread helps connect better even with the simple message. Intangible benefit of getting connected with right audience should be cherished by everybody and not belittle it because it comes straightforwardly. Believe you me, getting a single “Like” reflects huge amount of credibility about one’s work.

Level playground for everyone: One can spend higher amount of budget for Digital marketing to get right strategy in place however execution and connecting to the targeted audience is an important aspect for any successful campaign. Beauty of Inbound approach is that it provides equal level playing ground for everyone. Creating costly creatives might have Tangible impact on audience however connecting the right cord even with low budget creative I would categorize as InTangible and valuable assistance from one’s online community.

Power of Realtime User Acceptance: With such a connected world and online community, one can easily infer instantaneous preferences from your onlookers, using analytical tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Insight. A/B test strategy should be strategically executed ahead of time to fine tune and refine outcomes quickly based on the initial reaction before damages are realized.Such a platform where Tangible inferences can be drawn overnight and corrections can be rolled out to the niche group across online community, worth appreciating their InTangible support.Intangible benefit one gets is the real-time feedback from the horse’s mouth and quick and short reaction\correction time.

Online Reputation: Spreading one’s wing across connected channels help build reputation and establish recall brand value. Clear Intangible aspect has become so handy to overshadow any other benefit. Brand power is THE POWER to connect and delivery quality as expected.

Get Digital Strategy right, by targeting the right execution plan:

  • Leverage your online community as your Well-Wishers.
  • Value not just formal feedback but respect everyone’s response to your advantage.
  • Effort worth noticed with perseverance and commitment, adapt Agile and Iterative digital marketing to gain positive sentiments. Let people hear you and they will reciprocate with their support.
  • Augment online Brand reputation with quality and freshness, will help get much needed attention.

Only word of caution as Digital Marketing Strategist never react to your Critics that will stop your channel to get InTangible benefits. Respect everyone’ POV and take advantage of disruptive world by seeking real time feedback and corrective steps. Value Tangible Benefits but never ignore InTangible benefits.

Thank you for being in touch and let us continue to exchange thoughts…Looking forward to hearing from you.

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