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Digital Marketing Trends to watch out for in FY18


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FY 17 was the year where global economy had seen various shades be it USA or India or for that matter any other economy in the world. FY18 is going to be very different as already in the initial 2 months we had noticed ups and downs (JVs, Collaborations and scams etc..) with so much of excitement around. Marketing is no different, this industry had matured overtime to co-op up with the news that makes headlines with future of 4G plus. I would also like to sincerely THANK YOU for taking time out and read my articles on Digital Marketing sequence. This is my fourth article on Digital Marketing to help everyone grow in their own ventures. In this article, I will be focusing on “FY18 trends to watch out for by Digital Marketing Strategists”. Last article I wrote was focused on “Tangible and InTangible Benefits of Digital Marketing?”.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. Steve Jobs, Cofounder of Apple

This quote is truly inspiration for many self-critics. It is always inspiring for motivated people to challenge themselves and adopt some new tactics. One should always keep eyes and ears open to grab new trends and models for the benefit of this eco-system where we are part of it. After reading few latest articles on DM trends be it by Forbes or few other DM gurus who are considered to be trendsetter. I thought of sharing what I had gathered with you in a summarized way.

Trend # 1 > Mobilfication > Forbes had very well-articulated, MOBILE first. Is this something new? not really. While browsing so many websites I come across they are not mobile friendly, they all are missing mobile advertisement. Next Gen spends 75+% of communication channel as Mobile. Adapt the change or change will force you to adapt unorthodoxies.

I would challenge what we need Mobile App or Mobile Compatible website or Mobile Designed website. To me mobile designed Website will lead the way as managing each app on mobile will be a task for mobile users. Time to think and act.

Trend # 2 > Tailored Content > Who does not like Personal touch, be it clothing or food? Get customized and tailored creatives to get connected. STOP copy pasting the content, it will work as a short-term strategy but for being connected go for unique and tailored made content. Go Story Telling route that’s just the beginning.

Word of caution, do not go overboard. I can share my personal experience when I had contacted few Digital Marketing institutes for a course, I was continuously flooded with GENERIC institute mailers, Video advertisement and it was so irritating. Connecting to lead for any business is always great but with a limit. I made up my mind not to connect with that Digital Marketing institute who fail to connect and treat leads as commodity, what will they communicate back to the batch. STOP bugging, be relevant and stay personalized. Stick to the newer version of old mantra of “20 seconds elevator pitch” to “Connect with the lead in 1 minutes with powerful customized content”.

Trend # 3 > Gen Z inclusive > Thanks to Forbes for publishing a great article on Gen Z and it is truly a niche for marketers to capture along with Gen X and Y. There are similarities between Gen X and Y, Gen Y and Z but there are generation gaps as well to focus on and tailor their needs. Let me share few key characteristics of Gen Z to watch for, few attributes are as follow

  • They are Pragmatic and they dislike herd mentality. Most of them would like to do something which is practical and interesting.
  • Competitive as Individual Contributors. IT industry which has most Gen Z can appreciate this aspect very well. I can corelate this point so well as is look back…
  • Hard working & Multi-tasking. Work alone with zeal and expect rewards to keep them motivated.
  • Independent &Strange, willing to skip Higher education which is hard to believe sometimes.
  • Believe in connected world not standalone ecosystem. How about e-check in to hotels is their way to go and expect room light to switched on they enter. Flipping between system to get info is common for them.
  • Financial security hence majority 70% looking for opportunities for startup right from school days.
  • Very adaptive to technology and stay connected face to face using technology etc…

Strategize marketing and operational model focusing on Gen Y and Z. Be Gen Z inclusive…

Trend # 4 > Tap Online Marketing > Everyone should have marketing mindset. If someone ask me what is “Google”, I am very clear it is a Marketing company not really a Search engine. THINK about it…Do not ignore Digital marketing it can make venture grow exponentially. SWIGGY is a house name today because they leverage Digital Marketing medium very strategically.

Trend # 5 > SEO based Organic Search > Well defined Organic search will help brand recall for anyone. GO for it, do not ignore this. Let right Keywords enable get your site on the first page of search engine. Respect search engine algos be it Panda or anyone else.

Trend # 6 > Review based strategy > Undoubtedly reviews can make or break brand reputation, so being diligent on what others comment on your brand is an important attribute. Be Review aware.

Be delivery Value first (#VALUEFIRST) then brand first…no marketing strategy can beat this.

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